Episode 10:

Episode TEN
hosted by Veza Fernandez

Alalazo club version
“Alalazo” from ἀλαλά is a force call of one and at the same time many voices entering a battle, screaming, cheering, resisting, giving birth to a moan of ecstatic joy. It is the voice that has to come out shamelessly, exceeding all the prejudices and muting processes it has undergone throughout history. It is the voice that convokes invoking. The female* voice in its most sentient edges explored as an exceeding force.

In this work Veza Fernández casts a bodily voice in visceral dialogue with the electronic landscape magic of the composer and producer Rana Farahani (aka Fauna) dragging reverberation through space and climax until what touches palpitates within. In this version Veza will get closer to you bringing you to dance scream join if you like. A piece breaking away from its stage version to find other ways to get close to an audience. "

Tuesday 10.05.2022
Doors 18:15h
Performance 18:30h
Praterstrasse 18


📸 @hannafasching