Episode 12 POSTPONED until fall

Episode TWELVE
hosted by
Johanna Nielson
Tobias Leibetseder

Witch Janitor's Cauldron

"Witch Janitor's Cauldron is a first encounter of a dance- and a soundartist, diving into an experimental club performance together. they create a kind of ritual with sounds and movements, that clean, clear, care and dare the space. oscillating between concrete gestures and exstatic moments. the club space becomes their „kitchen“, Tobias and Johanna are cooking a dish into space with ingredients of sounds, spells and movements. they invite the audience to taste and digest and in a second part to join in cooking-dancing themselves."

1̶2̶.̶0̶7̶.̶2̶2̶ POSTPONED until fall
Praterstrasse 18