Artists take over a Club to share Performances and Practices which will lead into an open DJ-Set and Dancesession for the Guests.

Every other Tuesday we invite artists from the fields of sound and performance and let them take over a whole club. Artists are welcome to try out artistic ideas, performances or practices which eventually lead the audience into an open dancesession with a dj- set.  With a clear timeframing of each session, Blob intentially moves away from the usual partysetting. By doing so we aim for a more attentive connection between Sound, Dancing and Performance.  We try to initiate a dense adventure that usually lasts no longer then two hours and is created to be be experienced from beginning to end. There will always be space to step out and follow your own needs but there is also something beautiful in trying to expose yourself to the unknown and see where it takes you. ;) With regular Open Calls we intend to further expand the possible outcomes of BLOB and fuel the exchange between artists and audience. After each session we open the Bar for a little while to chat and hang out. We aim to create a space that welcomes all kinds of creative Expressions in the Club as long as it doesn't violate a few safety principles. We have zero tolerance for discrimination, aggression, intimidation or negligent COVID-19 behavior (2G required). 

So stay tuned and contact us with any questions, or just come by the next time!